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My First MMF

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My First MMFIt was a Friday morning while my husband was away on a business trip again. I was driving in my street towards my house after dropping my daughter off at crèche, when I saw Nick and his friend passing the rugby ball in the street to each other. I pulled into my drive way and parked. Getting out the car Nick came to say hello. We got chatting and eventually his friend joined and Nick introduced me to him. His name was Dane simular build to Nick, tall brunette well built upper body and strong muscular legs. We chatted in the drive way for a while before I invited them in for a glass of cold drinks. As we walked to the kitchen Nick smacked me on my ass and when I turned around and told him to watch where he puts his hands, he replied saying that he has told Dane about me. I said really now as I looked towards Dane as I stopped in front of the fridge. Dane replied saying Nick says that he has been sleeping with his neighbour (you) who is a MILF but I don't believe him and thinks he is just making it up. Nick then butted in saying that he isn't making any of it up. Dane looked at me and I just laughed and he then said to Nick see I knew you were talking shit. Nick then replied saying that I'm just being shy as Dane is around and the three of us ended up chatting for a while. I walked past Nick who on this occasion squeezed my ass. On this occasion I gripped his hand and turned and asked him if he was going to leave my ass alone. He replied that he hadn't seen it or me in over 3 weeks and really wants me badly. Dane said to him that's he's talking so much crap and should stop. Nick replied back I swear to we've slept together can't you tell him Lauren. I laughed at him and looked at Dane and said that he really has a crazy imagination. Nick slowly started getting annoyed at the fact that Dane didn't believe him and I wouldn't admit to us sleeping together. We all soon had finished our cold drinks when Dane asked where the bathroom was. I told him the door next to the lounge and he went to pee. While he was away Nick walked up to and placed his hands onto my ass and his lips met mine for a brief few seconds as we kissed. He then said that I'm being such a bitch teasing him by not telling his mate that we slept together and that it was turning him on and making him want to fuck me. I had become rather horny myself and wanted Nick's cock inside of me as I place my hand onto his cock which was infact hard and i said it's a pity you got your friend with you so we not able to do anything naughty and fun.He said that Dane could wait downstairs while we go to the bedroom for a quickie.As I moved away from him I said that we can't do that to him.Nick replied saying that Dane wouldn't mind. And I just laughed at him.Dane then returned from the bathroom and Nick walked up to me taking my hand as he said to Dane that he's going to take me up to my room for 20 mins hope you don't mind waiting. Dane said to Nick to stop dreaming and that he still wouldn't believe him if he did take me upstairs as we would just chat there. I laughed at Nick and he then said why don't you come and watch us fuck then.Nick started walking towards the stairs as he held my hand. He turned around and looked back at Dane and asked if he is coming. Dane replied saying ok Nick I'll join you and Lauren upstairs to talk. Dane was soon behind as we walked up to my room. Once in the room Nick turned around to kiss me but I moved away and Dane laughed at him.I then turned to face Dane and finally I admitted that I have been having an affair with Nick for a long time now. He asked if I'm being serious and I said yes as I moved towards Nick and allowed his lips to touch mine. We kissed for a moment and then moved away. Dane then said that's so unfair that Nick is sleeping with such a sexy MILF. He then had a dull upset look on his face as he asked if he should leave us alone for a while.I replied that I've never been watched having sex but it's totally up to him. As Nick slowly lifted my top off my body. Dane replied if I watch I'm going likely jerk off while watching the two of you fuck. I replied to him saying that fine as Nick undid my bra and reveal my breast to his mate. Dane complimented me by saying those are nice tits for a mom as I moved to lay down on the bed. Nick undressed himself and then placed his hands on my pants. I lifted my legs up in the air and Nick started to pull them off. This is when I thought to myself what I'm actually doing is crazy but the thought of being watched was turning me on a lot.My pants and G string were soon off and Nick made his way to between my legs. He started muffing my pussy while his friend watched. I was soon moaning while he was stimulating my clit with his tongue and bringing me to climax as I orgasmed. Nick then moved up kissing my belly till reaching my boobs. He licked and sucked on my hard nipples and this is when I managed to see Dane. His hand was under his pants rubbing his cock and this made me more horny. Nick was in total control of me at this moment as he was on top and he moved further up my body and inserted his hard cock into my wet pussy. He fucked me hard in missionary position for a while before stopping and pulling his cock out of me. He then laid down on his back, I started to move to be on top of him when I saw Dane again. He had dropped his pants down to his ankles and was busy jerking off his hard cock. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a decent view of his cock tho. I eventually sat down on Nick's lap, lowering my wet pussy onto his hard cock in reverse cowgirl position so that I could watch Dane jerking himself off while I road Nick for a short while before deciding to get off and walk up to Dane. I took his hand and pulled him up off the chair and to the bed. I removed his shirt to expose his hot body to me. He was also well built like Nick and as I laid him down on his back I got to see his hard cock properly for the first time. He was slightly thicker than Nick but more a less the same length. I climbed on top of Dane and slowly lowered my wet pussy onto his hard cock. I started riding on his cock back and forth as Nick stood up on the bed in front of me. I took his cock into my mouth and started deepthroating him while riding back and forth on his friends cock. Dane soon mentioned that he was nearing to cum. I stopped sucking Nick's cock and climbed off of Dane. I told Dane to stand at the edge of the bed. I sat down in front of him and took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking him. He soon was moaning and started to shoot his cum into my mouth as I sucked his cock. After he finished cumming I swallowed his cum and then turned around back to Nick. He moved me to kneel on all 4s and entered his hard cock into my pussy from behind. He fucked me hard and rough making me moan as he brought me to orgasm again. Not long after I finished orgasmning Nick started moaning and he fucked me harder as he shot his cum into my pussy. We fell down onto the bed after Nick finished cumming and Dane soon joined us. I laid there in between two young handsome guys as I thought to myself what a naughty woman I become. But at the same time I knew that I was enjoying the pleasure of the sex I was getting. Nick soon asked Dane if he now believes him. Dane replied yes and also said that it was great that he got to fuck me as well. I then got up to go to the bathroom to pee and while there I cleaned my pussy a little from Nick's cum. On returning I made my way to lay between the two hot guys again.Laying on my back, and being a naughty MILF (according to Nick) I soon place each of my hands on their cocks and started playing with them as we chatted. It wasn't long till both of them were rock hard. Nick moved and started sucking on my hard erect nipple while Dane move for his lips to meet mine for the first time. Our mouths opened and we kissed while Nick sucked my hard nipples. Dane's hand made its way to between my legs and he started to play with my pussy. He stimulated my clit and pussy as he rubbed me up and down. I reached climax as our lips aparted and I started moaning as I orgasmed from Dane fingering my pussy and Nick sucking my hard nipples.After cumming Nick and Dane moved me onto all 4s and Dane entered me from behind and started to fuck me in doggy style. Nick jerking himself off while his friend fucked me hard in doggy style making me moan and bringing me to orgasm. Once Dane ran out of breath he pulled out and then Nick turned me to lay on my back on the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders as he entered his hard cock into my pussy and started pounding back and forth in and out my pussy as Dane now watched him fuck me. It wasn't long after Nick started pounding my pussy with his hard cock that I started orgasmning again. The guys now took turns to fuck me so as Nick got tired and ran out of breath they swapped again. Dane re-entered his hard cock into my pussy as he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me hard and rough. I started having multiple orgasms as nick and Dane were fucking me and hitting my g spot. On this occasion I was screaming from the pleasure as I orgasmed. Dane then pulled his cock out my pussy and then turned me around to kneel on all 4s on the edge of the bed. He shoved his hard cock back into my wet pussy and started fucking me real hard and rough. I was screaming from the pleasure of the rough sex I was receiving and soon I got the pee like feeling, indicating that I was nearing to squirt. His cock was hitting my back walls and my rubbing my g spot as he roughly fucked me and I started orgasmning again and this occasion I squirted shooting my juices onto his body and the floor. He continued fucking me hard after I squirted and soon started moaning himself as he shot his cum deep into my pussy. After he finished cumming he removed his cock from me and I then felt Nick placing his hands on my hips as he entered his cock back into my cum filled pussy. He now started fucking me hard and rough and as I was having multiple orgasms it wasn't long until I was screaming from the pleasure of another orgasm squirting my juices onto his legs and lower body as well. He continued fucking me rough and hard and he soon started moaning as he shot his cum into my pussy as well. Once he finished cumming he removed his cock from my pussy and I laid down on my belly to catch my breath. After a few minutes all 3 off us ended up in the bathroom together. I first wiped most of there cum off my pussy before hopping into the shower. The guys took turns washing my body and I washed theirs. Once all clean from our cum we got out the shower and dried off. We then sat naked on the bed together as they thanked me for the amazing time. I thanked them as well as they gave me a series of multiple orgasm and a real great sex. We soon got dressed and as we walked down the stairs I could feel I just had a rough pounding. I gave both Nick and Dane a kiss goodbye as they left. That night after putting my daughter to bed I laid down thinking about the 3some I had with Nick and his friend. My pussy was sore but I really enjoyed every minute of it and all the orgasms and definitely wanted the pleasure of a MMF 3some again.
04-15-2021, at 01:57 PM

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