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Brend, Kennel Bitch - Part II

Post #1

Brenda had no idea how long she had been staked on her hands and knees to the cement floor of the warehouse. She had dozed on and off, but she was hurting badly and so cold. She was dirty and had to pee. She could hear the deep base of music and sometimes a shout or deep laughter, and always in the background the dogs; barking, whining, sometimes fighting. She dozed again.

Sometime later she heard a soft humming noise and opened her eyes. A boy squatted next to her. Well, maybe he wasn't a boy, now that she could see him clearly. He was solidly built, very muscular and stood probably less than five feet tall. His face was angelic; she had never seen eyes like his before. His skin was dark brown with tiny lines around the cream-colored eyes. They were set quite wide and were light tan, almost like the coffee momma drank laced heavily with almond cream. He was much older than she thought, but he smiled and looked at her in a brazen, almost childlike way.

She narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow, feeling like an animal in a zoo with this strange man looking at her.

"Hi I'm Tyrone." He reached out and pushed hunks of her matted long red hair out of her face clumsily. "You're Red, the new momma dog, and I get to take care of you." He laughed and jumped up, walking quickly away.

A few seconds later she screamed and thrashed against her bonds as a freezing spray of water hit her skin. He laughed uproariously and danced around.

"It's cold, huh Red? It gets warm."

Brenda's shuddering finally stopped when the water did get warm, and then he laid the hose in a bucket and while the bucket filled he poured something thick and cold on her back and began to rub her. It was soap, and he had used too much. His hands slid all over her back, shoulders and down her arms, into her hair where he scrubbed vigorously.

"Close your eyes, Red."

One hand scrubbed at her face, and then down her neck and his other rested on the curve of her hip. He was standing close next to her and he was hard, budging against his jeans and it was rubbing against her shoulder as he bent slightly to soap her breasts, running his hand between them and then up and over each one, lifting and squeezing, going from one to the other. Then he rubbed at her stomach quickly. He brought both hands to her back again and began to soap her hips and the globes of her ass, running his hands down the outside of her thighs and scrubbed at her calves. He then walked around behind her and she whimpered. Her eyes were squinted tightly shut against the soap but the tears still ran down her cheeks.

To her surprise he quickly washed between her legs and her bottom. He pushed a thick finger into her pussy and then put his thumb against her ass. She heard him humming again. He was being very still, but his finger was so thick and it was roughly callused, and she moved her hips a little. As soon as she did he abruptly pulled his hand away and then rinsed her with the warmer water.

"Tyrone?" Her voice came out in a choked whisper and he dropped down on the floor next to her with his hand over her mouth.

"Ssshhhhhhhhh. Doggies don't talk, you have to be good, Red, or we'll get in trouble."

After the shock of the cold water and then the warm water, she had to pee so badly and she didn't know what to do.

"Please, I have to use the bathroom." She whispered again desperately against his hand.

His eyes widened and he smiled. "It's okay, Red. You can, I'll clean it up." He laughed again and then crawled around to the side of her and touched her stomach. "Come on, Red, pee." He laughed and pressed at her bladder.

Tears poured down her face and she clenched her muscles but there was no way she could stop it. She started to pee and Tyrone laughed and pressed his other hand against her pussy, pushing harder on her bladder making the force of her stream stronger. She struggled again at the bonds and keened in her throat. He stood slightly bent next to her and was pressing his hard-on against her ribcage, laughing strangely as he played in her pee.

They both jumped at T's angry voice. "Quit playing with the little mutt, retard, and finish. Lay her down and get the fuck out of here."

He patted her bottom and then reached for the hose again and sprayed her down. Quickly he pulled the mass of wet filthy hay from beneath her and laid more out that was fresh and dry. He pulled chains out of his pants pockets and hooked them to her leather cuffs and then to the posts, giving her enough room to lie down on her side in the middle of the four stakes.

Brenda lay there on her side and Tyrone gently laid a heavy blanket over her. He knelt down next to her and rubbed her head, petting her, and whispered. "I'll see you tomorrow, Red." Then he jumped up and ran off.

She was exhausted and so grateful to be lying down that she had forgotten about T. Brenda jumped when she felt him kneel beside her. He reached out and pushed the blanket back.

"Don't go to sleep just yet, Red." She moaned and he laughed quietly. "I know, but I've wanted you all night." He ran his hand down to her breasts and pinched and tugged at her nipples. "Garrison gets first of course, but then fucking Bones has been bragging about your hot tight ass that he made bleed, and Tyrone was in here with his hands all over you." She heard his zipper and then saw it and gasped. "Even Bruno got his share." He gripped the underside of her chin and pulled opening her mouth and started to rub and slap his semi-hard cock over her lips and cheeks. "Now, I'm gonna get mine."

He pushed himself into her mouth and she stretched her lips wide around him. He stroked the side of he face with one hand while he pressed slowly in and out of her mouth, wetting his cock and making it harder. He was being so gentle, and getting so hard. Brenda moaned around him and he gasped. He was looking down at her and she wondered what they looked like with him so dark against her pale freckled skin and pink mouth. She was sucking with her lips wrapped tightly around him and he was steadily rocking in and out of her mouth, moaning quietly, though maybe half of him was all she could take. Her hands clutched at the straw under her as she blew into her mouth. His forceful stream gagged her when it hit the back of her throat and filled her cheeks. She swallowed as much as she could and he held her head, pumping as much of himself into her as he could. When he had finished he wiped his dripping cock in her hair and then zipped himself up. "You are one good little bitch."

He pulled the blanket back up over her and left her alone. In seconds she was deeply asleep, exhausted and in shock. She woke a few times through the night, cold and sore. She thought it was probably late in the morning when she woke again. This time, there were noises all around, talking and dogs barking. She couldn't believe she had slept in this noise. She heard Tyrone's loud whisper, "Red's awake."

"Get her up and ready, boy." Garrison's voice was unmistakable. She opened her eyes and glared at him, then turned bright red as he flicked the ash from his cigar into her face and laughed at her.

Tyrone pulled the blanket off her and unclasped the chains holding her to the stakes. Prodding and pushing at her, he maneuvered her into the same hands and knees stance as last night then re-chained her. He walked a few steps away then came back and she felt cold metal press at her inner thighs.

"Here Red, hurry up, you gotta pee."

She immediately started crying and Tyrone kicked lightly at her foot. She did have to, badly, and couldn't stop herself. She peed into the metal container Tyrone held between her legs, humiliated, hating the sound of it landing into the pan. She heard the little man start to hum and then felt one of his hands on her skin briefly before he pulled it and the pan away. She was left alone for a second and then flinched as Tyrone raked a brush through her hair until it was smooth, bringing tears to her eyes when it tugged through the snarls.

"That's enough, Tyrone." Garrison snapped. "Get CJ and T then bring me Goliath."

He walked around Brenda and bent now and then to run his hands over her and to push his fingers into her pussy and then into her ass and she tried desperately not to scream. He stood there fingering her and grunting and her body once again betrayed her as she swayed and pressed against his hand. She heard voices and then his fingers were gone and she moved her hips slightly in protest.

T and a man she had never seen before came into the room. CJ was tall and blonde with tattoos covering almost every bit of skin she could see.

"Oh man, oh man, look at her." CJ walked quickly up to her and picked up a handful of her hair. "Has my boy had her yet?"

Garrison laughed. "Of course not, CJ, calm the fuck down. Bruno is my champion, so he got first dibs." He reached down and tilted Brenda's face up. "As I did."

She heard scuffling noises and the now unmistakable click of dogs nails on the cement floors. Brenda started to moan and look around. The dog that dragged Tyrone into the room made her scream and Garrison slapped her, a ringing blow to the side of her head. The massive German shepherd pounced on CJ who laughed and ruffled his fur.

"There's my man. Look what daddy's got for the boy?" He pushed the dog's forepaws to the ground and led him over to Brenda. The dog sniffed all around her licking her face and her arm, then her leg and her ass. He pushed his cold nose against her ass and his long hot tongue lapped at her pussy. The more she squirmed and moaned the more he licked.

His tongue slid into her ass and she cried out. He licked at her and then mounted her. He pumped himself at her and she felt him slapping against her bottom and then her leg. She threw her head back and hummed in her throat when his cock found it's mark and slammed into her. Again the heat of it shocked her, it felt like liquid heat inside her moving and throbbing. The dog hammered at her and she came and her muscles squeezed at him. When she felt his knot growing and the red hot meat of him starting to bulge and jump she came again. His knot stretched her pussy and he flooded her. Hot, hot streams of cum spurted into her and then he popped out of her and it squirted again against her leg. She heard moaning and turned to see CJ straining and jerking, his thick cum landing all across her back.

Garrison and T stood back watching, smoking cigars and talking quietly. When CJ finished he turned and said in a strained voice. "Get Aldo."

"Now, we didn't discuss that." Garrison started.

"I'll pay."

She watched in a daze as Tyrone led the dog away. A few minutes later he returned with another shepherd.

"No, no, please." Brenda begged and Garrison strode over to her. Jerking her head up as far as it would go by her hair. He leaned down into her face.

"Would you rather float in the river, bitch?"

She bit her lips and he nodded, keeping her hair in his hand. She felt the dog behind her, licking her pussy and ass and hips. CJ spoke to him gently and he mounted her. Brenda squirmed and gasped. She didn't think she would ever get used to the heat of a dog and then Garrison unzipped his pants. He rubbed his cock against her face and mouth and pushed into her. He fucked her mouth slowly, then said some thing to CJ who reached between her and his dog. He pulled his dog's bulbous dick out of her pussy and pressed it at the opening of her ass. Brenda struggled and moaned and screamed on Garrison's cock as he slid inside her.

He was thick and smooth, hot, so hot and Brenda tried to shake her head. The dog pounded at her and Garrison matched his pace, fucking her throat and groaning loudly, the dog panting above her. The dog's hot cum in her ass was unlike anything she had ever felt, it was like he was pissing inside her, the force of his cum jetting into her, and she felt it flowing out of her, down over her swollen pussy lips and her legs. Then Garrison filled her mouth and she choked, gagged but swallowed and sucked as hard as she could. Garrison wiped himself on her face and hair and Tyrone led the dog away. Brenda heard the men talking as they walked away from her pen.

Left alone in her mess she keened and rocked, tears pouring down her face. She tasted blood from a cut on her lip and she was hungry, scared and disgusted with herself. She couldn't even think about he body's reactions, she had to figure out how to get out of here. She almost screamed when she felt Tyrone's hand on her back. She hadn't even heard him. He laughed, leaned down and looked into her face, then licked her, licked her face from her chin to her forehead, then again.

"I like you, Red." He patted her head then walked away, and she braced herself when she heard him dragging the hose toward her.
02-18-2024, at 09:17 AM

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