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Sharon in the Shower

Post #1

I'm one of those guys that loves older women. There's something about the way that an older woman knows how to handle herself that's just an overwhelming turn on. Anyway, my mother's got this friend, Sharon. Every time she comes over for a coffee and a chat, I have to go and sit down, because if she'd notice the bulge, it might turn a little embarrassing.

I know it might seem freaky, but the more she came around, the more I wanted her, like she was a drug or something. I remember one night, I was nearly out of my mind with this gut-wrenching lust for her. I wanted to take her right there and then, and a glint in her eyes drove me to take a VERY cold shower, just to try and calm down.

Naturally, being a young man, I used to jerk my cock like a madman every time she came to our place, and I really let my imagination run wild. She was married to a preacher, and I knew she wasn't getting enough, because she openly talk about it with mum. My cock would twitch like a divining rod every time she entered the room, and I really started to freak out about it.

I'd always pushed any woman away who was married, or with somebody, on principle alone, you know? Do unto others as you would, yadda yadda yadda, right? Try as I might, I just couldn't get her out of my mind, and she started to come around more frequently when her husband was away on camps with his youth group.

Now I figured God would understand if the preacher shagged his wife at every given opportunity, considering that it was God's design, and all that. I mean, Sharon was one fine woman, with curly sand coloured hair and dark eyes. I was a sucker from the get go.

About three weeks after her husband got back from his youth group, Sharon came around alone, all in a huff. Apparently her preacher man had decided that he wanted to go out more, and next week he'd leave for another month on a central Australia tour. I'd just finished cooking tea to be ready for when mum got home, and she was just about to leave. Sharon said her goodbyes once she realized, but mum shrugged and looked at her watch.

"Well what time do you have to be home?" Sharon turned and looked at the clock.

"I don't, really. The girls have netball until six, then they're staying at a friends place, so I've got the house to myself. That's why I came over here, to bother you lot." Mum held her hands up.

"God, no, it's alright, I've just got my folk-art class. I'll be back in three hours or so, why don't you stay here, Daniel will be good company, won't you mate?" I looked up from my spot on the couch where I was writing in my little notebook and swallowed hard as I smiled at Sharon, who was dressed in tight jeans and a loose top that somehow managed to accentuate the curves of her breasts without seeming painted on.

My cock gave a twitch, and I cleared my throat to 18 yaş porno hide it. "Sure, of course." Sharon looked at me and smiled winsomely.

"Are you sure it's okay?" I crossed my legs as my cock hardened, and nodded wordlessly. Mum glanced at me curiously, but turned back to Sharon and smiled.

"Good, it's settled then, when I get back, we'll have a few drinks, have a giggle, and Daniel can sleep on the couch if we get too pissed. How's that?" My mind raced with images of her sleeping in my bed, and of us in bed together, and groaned softly as my hips gave a small jerk. My cock was straining against the silk of my boxers, and I almost wanted to rip them off and jerk myself silly right then and there.

Sharon was smiling and laughing with mum, even as I eyed off the tight denim encasing the one thing I was obsessing over. I slowly raised my hungry eyes over her shirt, pausing for a moment at the tantalizing curve of her breast against the thin cloth of her shirt. I imagined nuzzling those perfect nipples and burying my teeth in her sculpted shoulder as I fucked my cock into her, and the rock hardness in my boxers was suddenly painful.

I raised my eyes further and travelled up her jaw line, to her mouth. Sharon had really hot lips, and the hormones raging through me like a flood drove me to pain, just thinking of shoving my cock into her mouth. I knew my breath was starting to pant, even as I looked up a bit further, and realized Sharon was watching me fantasize about her right in front of her. I blinked and stood up, which pressed my cock against the zipper of my jeans, and my crotch bulged.

I excused myself to go for a shower, and mum called out that she was heading off, and to not be long and let Sharon get lonely. I grunted some kind of acknowledgement even as I undressed in record time. I was in the shower in a second, and searched frantically for some soap. All I could see was some apple scented shampoo, and that was good enough.

I lathered my hand up and began to furiously fuck my hand, needing release immediately. I was wild with lust when the steam filling the bathroom suddenly eddied, and my mind, albeit slowly, caught up with what my logic was trying to tell me. The steam eddied because someone had opened the door, which meant...

I turned around, my hand still gripping my cock, and Sharon was staring at me in unabashed lust. I was panting as she opened the door, and I didn't speak. She looked up at me and reached forwards slowly. I grabbed hold of her and crushed her to me, kissing her roughly. She moaned softly, even as she lost her clothes.

Sharon's lips opened further as our tongues met in pure lust. I don't think either one of us really gave to fucking hoots about love or passion. It was pure, fantastic lust. Her chest was pushing forwards towards 3d porno me, and I squeezed her nipples to full hardness, and watched her eyes glaze over.

My own eyes probably looked the same, because her fingertips were running up and down my straining cock, and I wanted her so badly I could hardly utter even a single coherent sentence. I guess words weren't necessary, because when she stepped into the shower with me, our bodies spoke for us. I pushed her against the glass of the shower screen, and she continued driving me on with her fingertips.

I pushed the feeble remains of her panties aside, and my cock nudged between the cleft of her legs. Sharon's thighs spread accordingly, and she reached up to push my cock head inside her lips. There was no foreplay, nothing like that; it was just fucking, pure and hard, and what we both wanted.

My cock's not that huge, I'm not a porn star or anything. But I'm thick, three inches just above my balls, and not much thinner at end. I think I'm about six inches, but that's normal, isn't it? I don't really know, but Sharon seemed happy enough. Her head tossed from side to side constantly, and her wet hair smacked into my chest.

I could feel the soap from the apple shampoo running all over my cock, and her hips, and Sharon's eyes became foggy as she slid a hand down to her ass cheeks. Her hand began to move, and as I fucked her steadily, I realised she was fingering her ass!

My cock throbbed deep inside her, and I felt her walls tighten around me suddenly, and she screamed and went limp. I took that to mean she'd come, and I began to fuck her in full, rough earnest then. My veiny tool drove up into her hot little pussy hard and deep, and her moans soon began again.

I didn't care whether she came a second time, but I was damn certain that she was going to enjoy a face full of cum. I felt the beginnings of my climax, and I pulled out and began to jerk my cock at her. Sharon's eyes opened and gleamed at me as I jerk off, and she sank to her knees, and my cock disappeared down her throat. The rough texture of her tongue on the sensitive underside of my head was too much, and I burst over the edge.

My cock was spewing cum down her throat like a fire hose, and Sharon's mouth soon overflowed as she gagged. Her hands jerked my cock more, and more ropes of sticky cum shot across onto her neck and cheek. Her tongue darted out and tasted me, although why she needed to was beyond me. I sank to my knees inside the shower, and let the water pour over me.

I was exhausted, and I'd never come so much in my life. I looked at Sharon, who had gone back to fingering her ass. I felt my blood still racing, and opened my mouth to suck in mouthfuls of air. Sharon was looking at my cock, lying thick against my thigh, and her other hand began to rim the head Porno 64 video with her fingernails.

I'd never then, and not now, experienced anything as intense as the feeling of her fingernails just grazing the flesh of my cock. I sprang to life again, and she straddled my hips. Her small shaved patch of pubic hair rubbed against the tip of my cum and saliva coated cock, and my hips jerked.

Sharon slowly raised herself up onto her knees, the water pouring over her skin and down onto me. My hands slipped up and inside her, and I began to explore her insides as her head twisted in pleasure. She rose up a little bit higher and then sat back down slowly, and I began to push inside her asshole. I felt the head as her sphincter widened slowly, and I pushed up slowly.

Pain etched across her face, Sharon rose herself up a bit and then slammed back down, and I felt my cock bend for an instant, shooting pain through me, and then I was inside her ass. She pushed against the side of the shower for support as she slowly rode my cock, and I felt her tightness.

"I full...Oh..." Her mouth worked, but no more words came out. I began to really enjoy it, as her face went through all these different expressions, until finally it settled back into the lust I wanted to see so badly. I grew thick inside her again, and Sharon began to bounce up and down faster and faster, and I felt her sliding up and down on my veiny cock.

Our breathing was timed pants of lust as she rode me, my apple shampoo rimming her hot little sphincter as I slid inside her again and again. Sharon's hands drifted down after a moment, and she began to play with herself, shoving her fingers into her centre as she slammed down onto my cock. I felt her shuddering around me, and I began to feel my climax very close.

Sharon slipped her entire hand inside her centre as her thighs pressed in to mine, and let loose another blast of cum, blowing deep inside her shithole. Sharon screamed as she came, and collapsed on top of me. The water around us was cold, but neither of us felt it.

After a moment, Sharon leant back up, with my slowly softening cock still deep in her ass. Her eyes were glazed over, and a small smile was on her face. She stood up on weak legs. I didn't trust myself to stand. I reached up and turned off the tap, and Sharon bent over and grabbed her clothes and a towel. We dried off in silence, and I got dressed again a second after her.

Sharon turned back to me and kissed me fully before cupping the happy cock nestled between my thighs. My eyes widened in astonishment as my cock gave another twitch. I didn't get hard, but I was still really horny.

"We've got three hours to kill junior, and that lovely thick cock of yours needs time to rest. But I think I should go and get some honey, and see where we can go from there." I smirked as I watched her leave the bathroom.

Yep, folk art was the best class mum ever went to. Only not for her. Just for me. And maybe for Sharon. I still think I got the best part of the deal. Sharon keeps coming over now, and it gets better every time.
04-21-2024, at 07:20 AM

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