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Alyx Tales: 02

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Alyx Tales: Second

You were with me as I drove the truck to my worksite. The wind noise was so loud in the vehicle that it was hard to listen to the radio (which does not work all that well in the first place), so we were riding and talking as we always do. We always find plenty to talk about, and I trust that will never change.

I was listening to you talk about something that excited you when the idea occurred to me. You were smiling as you talked, and your hands and body moved about as you spoke. I glanced over at you from time to time, because I love to see the animated glow of your face when you are talking about something that interests you.

"Want to play?" I asked at the next pause in our conversation.

"Play? You know I am always ready to play," you replied with a big smile on your face.

"Well slip off those panties, then, and we will see what we can come up with to help shorten this drive."

Without speaking, you reached under your skirt and slipped off your panties. You put them on the seat between us.

"Now what?" you asked with a smile of anticipation.

"I want to watch you play. Just turn so your legs are up on the seat, lean back against the door, and enjoy yourself. I have to focus on driving."

Your look indicated that you were a little bit unsure about doing as I said, but you turned and stretched your legs across the bench seat toward me.

"Its okay, I know you are shy with me still. You can keep your skirt pulled down. Or if you don't feel like playing, that will be fine too."

"No, I am ready to play, but I am still a little shy."

With that you shifted your position on the seat so you could slide your hand up under your skirt. Soon your hand was moving, but I could not tell where you were touching or what you were doing. Of course I used my vivid imagination to paint a picture in my mind of your shaved pussy with your well-practiced fingers playing over it.

"Your pussy is lovely, Alyx. I love the way you keep it shaved. I love the way your smoothness feels to my tongue when I lick you."

Your hand seemed to get more animated in response to my words.

"Are you wet, Alyx? Are you getting aroused?"

"Yes. Keep talking to me. I love the sound of your voice, and your words arouse me so."

"So you like hearing sikiş porno me talk about your pussy, do you?"

"Yes, very much."

"Well I will keep talking if you let me see what I am talking about. Show me your pussy. Let me see what your fingers are doing."

Slowly you shifted your position so your legs were spread apart and your skirt was tucked up into your waistband. You blushed as I looked over at you, but soon my attention was drawn back to my driving as we entered a busy stretch, so you were temporarily spared the embarrassment of being so totally exposed.

"Use your fingers to smear your juices over your pussy. I want to see your entire pussy gleam in the sunlight from the reflection off of your juices."

With the traffic clearing, I was able to watch as you dipped your fingertip between your lips and retrieved some of your seeping nectar. The way you carefully spread it around your clit and over your flared lips made my already hard cock throb with desire. Your finger traced a slow, deliberate route that found each of your most sensitive spots. I could tell by the look on your face that you enjoyed the way my eyes closely followed the movements of your fingers. It was almost like you were calling my attention to each and every part of your proud pussy. It was one of the most sensuous things I have ever witnessed.

"God, Alyx, I am so damned hard. You do amazing things to my body. I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you."

Without speaking, you slipped your finger between your full pussy lips and pushed it deep inside you. I loved seeing your pussy close around your finger, because it reminded me of how your pussy had grasped my cock only a few hours earlier. I then remembered I was driving, so I had to shift my attention away from you briefly.

When I looked back again, you were using both hands. Your finger was still trust deep inside, and I knew that you were caressing your g-spot. You were using the fingers of your other hand to caress your clit. Three of your fingers were pressed together and you were putting firm pressure on the delicate, sensitive nub that was now aroused and exposed. By this time, you had shifted down in the seat a bit, and your legs were spread fully apart. One of your feet rested against my hip, and I enjoyed the contact. şişman porno I reached down and rubbed your foot as a sign of encouragement.

"I love watching you play with your pussy, Alyx. It this what you do after you have read one of my stories? Do my stories make you want to play?"

"Yes, I always play after reading your stories. They make me so hot."

"And when you are playing, do you pretend it is my fingers that are touching you instead of yours?"


"And do you imagine it is my hard cock fucking your pussy instead of your fingers?"


"Well use your finger to fuck your pussy now as you know I would with my cock if I weren't driving. And use your fingers as you would like me to use my tongue on your clit. Make yourself cum as I watch. You want me to watch you cum, don't you, Alyx?"

"Yes, watch me cum. Fuck my pussy with your cock. Lick my clit. Make me cuuuuuuummmm."

And with that you came. Your climax was accompanied by a series of guttural groans that rose distinctly above the road sounds that filled the vehicle. Your ass wriggled on the seat in response to the sensations coursing through your body, and I enjoyed watching your face as the powerful climax swept over you. Your eyes were closed and your head was pressed back firmly against the door. Your mouth was open slightly and your tongue licked your lips sensuously as if you were imagining the feel of my cock in your mouth.

You stopped moving and slumped against the door once the final tingle of your climax had dissipated. Your gorgeous pussy, with your juices smeared over it, was fully exposed to my gaze, but you did not seem to notice. I took full advantage of the opportunity to admire your full lips and seeping gash. I wanted more than anything to pull to the side of the road and lick away every morsel of your succulent juices, but I knew that there would be other times for that. My work crew was waiting for us and we had to keep driving.

After resting for several minutes, you swiveled in your seat and pulled on your panties. You slid over beside me and kissed me on the cheek. You placed your hand on the bulge in my jeans and found my hardness.

"Hmmm. What do we have here?" you asked in your sexiest drawl.

"That, my dear, is a cock that needs swinger porno some attention."

"Well, let's not ignore it any longer," you said with a sly smile.

With that you unbuckled my belt and then unzipped my pants. You ran your hand down inside my briefs, and the feel of your warm hand on my cock was nearly enough to make me cum, but I resisted the temptation, because I knew that these was much more to come.

I raised my ass up off the seat, and you tugged my jeans and briefs down just a bit so you could have unimpeded access to my throbbing cock. Once my cock was exposed, you wrapped your hand around it and stroked it several times causing my body to tremble with anticipation.

You shifted your body around so that you were stretched out across the seat with your face hovering right above my shaft. You used your hand to stroke it along its length as your tongue flicked out and teased the head. I slid farther down in the seat as you opened your mouth and allowed my cock head to slip between your lips. I moaned as your tongue caressed my hardness.

For the next several minutes I tried to keep from wrecking us as you sucked and licked and caressed my cock in ways that drove me to the edge of distraction. I placed one hand on the back of your head and twisted my fingers in your hair as your head bobbed up and down. The warmth and wetness of your mouth surrounded my erect shaft, and my mind became numbed, no longer sure if my cock was in your mouth or in your luscious pussy.

As my climax neared, I moved my body, fucking your mouth, wanting to fill it with my cum. I used my hand to adjust the pace of your movements so that the sensations you were generating began to spread through my pumping loins. Soon I felt my cum begin to rise up from my balls, and I tried to pull your head away from my cock, because I did not think you wanted to swallow my load of cum. But you did not budge, and when my semen squirted deep inside your mouth, you lapped it up and eagerly swallowed every drop.

Even after my climax had passed, you continued to suck and lick and tongue my cock as if unwilling to let it go. But gradually it shrank away and reluctantly you let it go. You sat up on the seat beside me, and I watched as you used your tongue to lick the dribbles of cum from around your mouth.

You helped me tuck away my cock and straighten my clothes, as I tried to refocus my attention on the road. You slid over close beside me and rested your head against my shoulder, and within minutes you were sleeping peacefully. This had been a drive to work that I would never forget.
04-21-2024, at 07:22 PM

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