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Marie Has a Visitor

Post #1

Marie woke slowly to the morning light in her new room upstairs. She luxuriously stretched and yawned, realizing she was naked head to toe, snug under her comforter... she had a delicious naughty feeling deep down, something still at the edge of her perception... She rolled to her side and remembered all at once, feeling her body press against another. His arm slid easily over her bare hip, his warm hand cupping over her breast, his warm breath nuzzling into her neck. Marie smiled -almost uncontrollably- remembering the past afternoon, the evening, the night!

(In all honesty, the source of her 'naughtiness' feelings came flooding back as a sudden flash of memories, half placed, all of them deliriously erotic! )

Marie rolled over and looked at him; he was soundly asleep, cool neutral features, sharp chin, his muscular shoulders, pale pale skin that matched her own. He was warm, and almost innocent looking; define 'innocent'? She rolled onto her back, her legs tangled in the comforter. She closed her eyes and sighed... feigning 'innocence' to herself, her hand slid seductively over her chest.. down her stomach... between her legs. She opened one eye.. he was still soundly asleep... a few moments of privacy won't hurt anyone's feelings! She closed her eyes and let her fingers explore how wet she was becoming! She remembered back to the previous day, silently recounting the details, relishing each moment...


She awakened groggy and wearing sweats at around 9:30. She made tea, rummaged around for some cereal, and found none.. her life and house were an utter disaster with the move. It didn't help that she'd only just moved one door down, it was still complete chaos. Today was tuesday, and she had the day to herself... the privacy was nice, but the mess was unbearable. She spent the morning uneventfully picking things up. She had an upstairs and a downstairs now, and a bedroom to call her own!

"How nice.." she had thought to herself, "For the occasional weekend FUCK!" She was teasing herself... she was outright through with the kind of guys who had been coming around. No one serious. She didn't want serious, but she didn't want THEM either. All the same, she had prepared her new room, her bed, her pillows with a sort of delicious expectation.. for what? Who knows! She smiled to herself. "A woman DOES have needs, no matter how chaste she chooses to be.."

There was a knock at her front door, which she had left hanging open out of habit.. it was her neighbor Alicia! Was she expecting someone else? Alicia had offered the night before to come over to help sort things out, and to sit down over tea to discuss her own private love-life and disasters.

" It plain doesn't help, the fact that he has such an ENORMOUS dick!" Alicia rambled on, as course as fratt-boy! " I mean, FUCK! I would have dumped him a whole year ago if it' hadn't been for that one feature of his... 'personality'... that I like!"

Marie smiled but felt a pang of something longing and lustful deep inside... Şanlıurfa Escort was she an adolescent these days? Did some simple dirty girl-talk put her into an amorous delirium? What was it?

Her question was answered by a text message she found on her phone, left some hours earlier... "In town, for last time! Can I stop by?" Panic gripped her for a moment, and Alicia stopped short:

"...Felatio, but then it just didn't seem fair.... what is it?"

Marie stood up, wondering to herself if she had missed him, if he would be out and gone and not stop in to visit... no sooner did she stand up, than she spotted him conveniently outside her door!

Her heart nearly leapt into her throat, and then she composed herself. She went to the door to greet him; he seemed cool and nonchalant. Alicia rose as he entered and greeted them both politely.

"So this is your new place!"

"It is!" Stammered Marie. Did she sound too gleeful? He was just here to visit, remember!

Alicia glanced at him, checking him out from behind. He was tall, wiry, but muscular. And confidant in a devilish yet unassuming way.. Alicia's eyes met Marie's for a spit second.

"Well, Good to meet you will you stay for some tea?" She said, raising one eyebrow. "This is the living room.." Said Marie, gesturing around, starting the tour. " And the kitchen" Alicia stepped back to the kitchen, stirring her tea, making herself a bit scarce. Marie caught her glancing up, with a seductive smile on her face. 'What does she know that I don't?' marie thought...

"And you have an upstairs now!" the gentleman noticed, as if for the first time.

"I do.." she took him by the hand for a moment, and led him upstairs. "Actually, this one is for my working" she said, pointing into a bare room, "And this one is mine" ... she stepped in, he followed her. It was as if she saw herself in some kind of trance; she did the unthinkable! Her heart pounding, she reached out and softly closed the door behind him. It slid closed with a little 'click' signaling utter privacy!

His eyes met hers, and she starred for a second.. for two.. forever! It was a moment of lightning and seduction.. a moment that could pass and never return, or a moment that could explode into real sparks and thunder!!


Marie sighed a little in her bed, feeling her warmth spreading back between her legs.. she licked her lips... "Oh!" she let out softly...


Had he been thinking the same thing? Was he holding off and being polite now? Would he sigh and open the door and leave forever?

He took two steps toward her, lifted her chin with his hand, and kissed her on the lips. She tipped her head back, eyes closed and just drank it it. He kissed softly, then harder, she felt his fingers through her hair, cradling the back of her head! This was HAPPENING!

Marie didn't hear Alicia finish her tea, rinse the mug, and exit through the front door. She didn't hear her phone ring again, she didn't Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan hear an other suitor knocking on the front door, looking for her attentions...

She didn't hear any of these things because she was, in fact, quite busy receiving the best HEAD she could ever hope to have! Just plain old, strait to the point head... truly a refreshing thought!

She'd tumbled roughly onto her back on her bed, and he'd just as quickly lifted her summer skirt and found her bare and willing... she'd softly moaned, he'd held her thighs open impossibly wide with strong hands, her bare feet dangling helplessly in the air...

...she gasped and shuddered to feel his hot determined tongue provide a sheer passionate french-kiss to her CUNT! How is a girl supposed to react? She thought, almost embarrassed, hearing herself moan out loud again! I mean HOLY FUCK!

It had been such a long time since she had the attentions she desired, had hardly expected it to come so readily, so freely! She had flashes of every erotic moment in her life; moments of expectation,moments of wanton lust for unobtainable men...

He sucked and suckled, and drew lines round and round her sensitive places, and kissed and sucked some more.. and then started in..

Started in with a rhythmic slippery licking in just the right way... started in and didn't stop!! Just as simple as that, she lay there, his perfect prisoner and let him relieve her of her senses! Let him take her over and past the edge of what she could stand! He licked her 'to death' twice before she struggled away, gasping, clasping her breasts through her dress...


Marie's hand slid readily up and down.. up and down.. up and down.. she was desperate, but knew her pangs would not relent.. not yet...


It was there on a sunny afternoon in her bright clean room they explored and had things out and their way.. their last and perfect final way!

The poor man, after all, had been tortured by her for weeks of her not calling! Had given up, but had come back for one last chance.. a last attempt.. did he ever have PERFECT TIMING!

She'd unzipped his trousers, slacked them off, and playfully pulled off his boxers..

he'd unbuttoned his shirt down to the waste, slipped it off in an unhurried way, and lay on her bed... he was so ERECT she almost couldn't stand it! He just looked at her, submitting to her whims...

She'd crawled over him, pulling her dress off over her head. She'd watched every move on his face as she took mount on him.. as his hard purple head pushed into her.. as his thick taught shaft slid out of sight.. as her wetness formed small seeping rivers over his taught purple balls! Oh, YES! He would get it this time!

It had been a frenzied storm of her bouncing on him, he holding her chest, holding her under her arms.. she pinning his arms back behind him! Something so delicious, she mused to herself, seeing a man struggle and tighten under the impossible pangs Escort Şanlıurfa of lust, and to hear him call out as his body relieves itself... she bounced off of him, and watched his dick shoot a long powerful streamer of white cum in to the air.. poor boy! He'd made a mess of himself, dotting his straining muscular arms... it wasn't the first time she'd done that to him!


Marie tightened under her covers, squinting her eyes closed... for she remembered what was had come next... SHE HAD!


He'd taken her round the waste and mounted her from behind, their legs struggling through and over her comforter... he'd gone in and was again so hard and deep it took her breath away... he held her under her breasts as he just pumped... that was it!

He'd just pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped... nothing particularly exotic or strange.. but TERRIBLY EFFECTIVE! She felt herself giving in.. giving way, letting go.. felt hang-ups past breaking loose...

Her bed squeaked threateningly under them, she had grip of its headboard... her fingers straining grotesquely to hang on!! ...and HOLY FUCK DID SHE EVER CUUUM!

It was one of those few times in a girl's life when she knows for certain there is a God and is a vast personal perfect universal truth... that there IS something just a bit beyond comprehension!! ....a rolling fiery orgasm shook up through her, down through her legs, up her perilously arched spine, and shined like a yellow light out through her open mouth... it rang in her hears so loudly she didn't hear herself wailing with abandon... (Carrying through her open screen window, catching the awkward attention of an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk outside!)

Likewise, he had reached something few men have a chance to have, let alone repeat... just a perfect crescendo of all of his lustful and creative and thoughtful powers... channeled down and through him, collected and focused.. concentrated like a powerful rocket...a reaction out of control, out of his hands, unstoppable, burning fiery hot! And HOLY SHIT DID HE EVER CUUUM!!! Most women can not conceive of the feeling of having a penis, though some try. (An amusing exercise, to be sure!) The truth is, there could be no understanding or parallel a woman could have to understand the powerful trunk of energy he'd scarcely lived through, which rushed down and out of him... His balls like glowing cannon shots, his rigid shaft like the hot barrel of a cannon, the head of his penis like a fiery wick..he pumped and rode atop himself, an apparatus of hot steel with passions larger than he thought he could fit between his legs! His hands squeezed her breasts, her hard nipples protruding between clenching fingers! He ejaculated once.. twice... three times... the third a white hot rope landing across her, from her neck to the crack of her parted butt cheeks.. a little rivulet dripping down her left side and off the point of her nipple...


He lay on his side, propped up on one elbow, smiling, watching Marie.. her eyes closed.. her body shaking.. whimpering out loud! She quivered, her breath catching in her throat..she'd made herself come rather loudly in front of him.

"That much?" He asked, knowingly!

She turned to him, too relieved to be embarrassed. "You FUCKING NAUGHTY BOY!"
09-06-2023, at 10:31 PM

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