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Lovely , Luscious Sheela

Post #1

In my last story, I narrated my first experience of fucking. After that night, I fucked Radha several times until her hubby came back. We had plenty of opportunities since my mother had to go to my maternal uncle's house to look after my aunt (my mom's sis-in-law) as she was expecting. I had one full month when I was alone at home. My mom was initially worried about me but when Radha told her that she would look after me, she was relived a little. Radha further told my mom that I am like a little brother to her! Well, if I was her little brother, then I sure was a big sisterfucker!

In that one-month, we made love in so many different ways. We would fuck at least 3-4 times everyday! By the end of the month, we had explored all the sexual fantasies of ours. Then my mom came back and within a few days, Venky, Radha's husband came back. A day after his arrival, Radha called me to her house. She told me that Venky had a job offer from a German company and had accepted it. Therefore both of them had to go to Germany in a few days time. At that time Venky came. Radha told him about me and how I had taken care of her in his absence! While saying this, she had an unmistakable glint in her eyes. I was also bemused a little when Venky, who was a simpleton, thanked me for my help! I said that I was quite happy to be of service to Radha! After that he went out and Radha and myself had a big laugh about it all.

Radha told me that the last one-month that we spent together was the best time in her life and she would never ever forget me! She became quite emotional while saying this and started crying. I also felt quite sad as I was falling in love with her and was heart broken to hear the news of her departure. I started to console her. She gathered herself quite quickly.

"Prakash, I know that you also like me a lot. I think that you have fallen in love with me, haven't you?"

"Yes, Radha. I have and I don't want to lose you. Please don't go away. Stay here with me, Radha. I will make you happy."

"I know dear that you would. But I have to go. I have also started to love you and I know that it will be very difficult for me to live without you. I hope that you find some beautiful girl and get married and live happily."

"I can't think of anyone but you, Radha. I don't think anyone can replace you."

"Oh my dear, if only?"

And with that she started crying again. I hugged her tightly. For the first time I did not get sexually excited after hugging her so tightly. Instead, I was as sad as her, maybe sadder than her. We just stayed like that for a few minutes. Then Radha spoke,

"Prakash, you better go now. Venky will come any time. And the longer you stay here sadder I will get."

"Ok Radha. I will go now but I will come to meet you before you leave for Germany."

I went to the airport to see off Radha. While returning I started to think of the days that we spent together and unknowingly a tear fell from my eye. She was gone now. Gone forever!

For the next few days, I stayed at home and spend the whole time sitting in my bed, thinking about Radha. My mom found this strange and took me to the family doctor. He said that there was nothing to worry and gave some tablets. (as any doctor always does!)

Then came the turning point in my life. As you know, a couple had come to stay in the flat opposite ours around the same time as Radha. The husband, Ranjit Singh, was a businessman in his late forties. His wife Sheela was a Maharashtrian in her early thirties. As Mr. Singh was a businessman, he used to be out for several days. This meant that Sheela used to be alone for nearly 20 days every month.

Now all this pointed to a great opening for me to seduce and then fuck this lonely lady, but somehow I never thought of her from that angle. First, there was Radha in my life and even after her departure, I never considered Sheela as a sexual object. It was not because she was not good looking, for she had an almost heroine like face with big beautiful eyes which were blue colored, chubby cheeks and suckable lips!

It was the fact that she used to dress very conservatively. She always wore saris. Her pallu was always neatly tucked to her blouse with a pin. She wore half sleeve blouses, which covered nearly her entire back. She never wore her sari below her navel. In short, she was a typical Indian wife of the old days who did not show any skin to a stranger! I thought that perhaps she has a low sex drive and that is why even though her husband is out for so frequently for long periods, she does not indulge in sex with other man or perhaps she is a religious lady who believes that it is sinful to have sex with anyone other than her husband.

But all this changed one fine day. As Sheela was alone, she started to interact with her neighbors. And I was her neighbor! Well, she didn't start with me but with my mom. As you know, my mom is a social worker. She is a talkative person. So she and Sheela became friends in a short time. Sheela often used to come to my house to converse Trabzon Escort with mom. I was never interested in their talks as I was going through a phase of depression after Radha's departure.

On that day, Sheela came as usual to see mom. I opened the door. Sheela was dressed as usual conservatively in a sari. I told her to sit and went inside to tell mom about her arrival. Then they started talking and I was busy playing on my computer. After a while, I started feeling hungry. So I went to kitchen to get something to eat. Now the kitchen is exactly behind the hall where mom and Sheela were talking. As I was searching for food, I could clearly hear their voices.

"Nikita (mom's name), there is something I want to tell you." Sheela said.

"Yes Sheela. Feel free to speak anything." Mom said.

"Well, Umm.., I don't know how to tell you. It 's kind of very personal." Sheela said in a hesitant manner.

Aha! So this woman is not as simple as she looks! I forgot all about food and prepared to listen very attentively.

"Don't worry Sheela. I am a social worker too. So many women come to me with their personal problems. Tell me all." Mom said in an assuring manner.

"But what about Prakash?" Sheela asked.

"Oh, Prakash! He is inside playing on his computer. Don't worry about him." Mom told her.

Thanks mom! Well, I had to hear what Sheela was going to tell mom at any cost. The fact that she was afraid of me overhearing her was sufficient to tell me that it was quite serious matter. Was Sheela a horny lonely lady after all? Or was there any other problem? Whatever it was, I had to listen.

"You know Nikita, my sex life is pathetic." Sheela said bluntly.

What the hell! This meant that she was horny after all! Well, well, well! That conservative dressing deceived me! I had always thought of her as the perfect Indian wife and here she was telling quite bluntly that her sex life was pathetic!

"I am not surprised to hear that." Mom said in a matter of fact tone.

And nor was I. I mean, when your husband is out for most of the time, your sex life is bound to be pathetic, unless?

"You know Nikita, it is not just about Ranjit being not at home most of the time. Even when he is there, he ?" Sheela stopped abruptly.

"What Sheela? Come on tell me. I can help you if you tell me all." Mom said in her usual soothing voice.

"Ok Nikita. Well, as I was saying, even when he is at home, he ejaculates very early." Sheela said.

What! Hearing all this had made me very hot! My 8" prick was standing upright, ready to explode! I was slowly caressing my prick from above my jeans. My ears were keenly alert, ready to listen every single word of this great conversation!

"Have you talked to a gynecologist about this?" Mom asked.

"Yes. But she said that Ranjit will have to come to the clinic for tests and I am afraid of telling him all this." Sheela said.

"Sheela, can I ask you something?" Mom said.

"Yes Nikita."

"How many times you have cum while being fucked by Ranjit?" Mom asked.

"Never." Sheela said in a depressing voice.

What! This horny woman had never cum while being fucked by her husband! Either her husband must be a jerk or she must be a woman with heavy-duty sex drive! I had released my cock from my jeans and was now caressing it gently. It was very difficult for me not to cum. My fingers were wet by the precum oozing out of my cock head. I had decided that after this talk is finished, I would go to the toilet and masturbate thinking about Sheela. I was determined to fuck this sex craven bitch before long!

"How often do you masturbate, Sheela?" Mom asked in matter of fact tone.

"What the hell! Do you think I am a slut? Of course I don't masturbate!" Sheela replied angrily.

Wow! This was getting Really interesting! Even I was shocked a little when mom asked Sheela about masturbation, but I was not prepared for that reply. No masturbation! How the hell this woman could even live! I was beginning to wonder whether I could actually fuck this woman with her consent. But I was very sure that she really needed sex badly. Talking of masturbation, I was beating my meat vigorously without worrying about the consequence.

"Calm down Sheela. There is nothing wrong in masturbation. It is after all a way to achieve sexual pleasure. Just masturbating does not make one slut. Even I do it sometimes these days as my hubby is not here." Mom said soothingly.

Well, well, well! My mother masturbating! Now I am not an incestuous person and definitely not a motherfucker, but just the mental image of my mother masturbating nearly made me cum! I was now stroking my dick hardly. I had to cum now. I increased the speed of stroking and put the other hand in my mouth to stop my moans. My eyes were closed. I was visualizing Sheela naked and masturbating. One hand squeezing her lovely boobs while the fingers pinching the erect pink nipples. The fingers of the other one rhythmically moving in and out Trabzon Escort Bayan of her swollen pink pussy lips!

Her eyes closed, her breath quick and hot and finally her loud moaning!

"Uunghhh?.! Aahhh?! Oh, yeah! Prakash, baby I am Cumming for you! Mmmmm?.! I am Cummmingggggg?.!"

With a sharp shudder of the body, she comes! Her pussy is overflowing with her sweet vaginal juices. This is the first time she has cum and the juices do not stop. They are flowing like a river. They trickle down from her pussy onto her bed. From her bed to the floor, then to the door of her flat, then through the passage to the door of my flat and then to my room! I bend down and pick up some of it and lick it with my tongue! Mmmm?! It tastes ? Salty?

I opened my eyes and looked at my hand. It was covered with cum, my cum! While visualizing Sheela masturbating, it was I who had actually cum! And the cum that I had licked as Sheela's was actually my own! That explained why it tasted salty! So this is how my cum tasted! I was about to wash my hands and put my jeans back on when I recognized that there was no sound coming from the hall. This meant that Sheela was gone and mom was alone! She could come anytime, so I better hurry. Thinking this, I started towards the basin, which is near the kitchen door. As I was about to approach the basin, I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. Oh My God! I was going to be busted! I made a final attempt to save myself. I grabbed my jeans and started to run towards my room, but as I was about to get out of the kitchen, I bumped into mom! I was thinking of an excuse when I realized that the person I had bumped into was not my mom! It was ? Sheela!

Due to the collision, my jeans fell on the floor. I was standing dumbfounded only in my T-shirt! My right hand was still covered with my cum. I looked at Sheela and she was staring openly at my crotch. Her mouth was open and she looked like a child gaping at a new toy! I was going to speak when my eyes wandered lower and rested on her blouse. The collision had not just robbed me of my jeans. It had also made her sari pallu drop exposing her blouse to me. I had always thought that her blouse would also be covering nearly her entire neck and chest. But how wrong I was!

Her blouse was quite deep cut exposing the upper halves of her boobs and giving a generous view of her cleavage. But that was not all! The top 2 buttons of her blouse were undone and it made the view even better! Now nearly half of her boobs were clearly visible and what a pair it was! Not as big as Radha's 38DD but quite easily 36C! My gaze went even lower and her prominent and deep navel came into view! So this bitch was wearing her sari below her navel! The navel looked so enticing especially on her flat tummy!

All this staring must have made my prick rock hard as I heard Sheela gave a loud moan. I looked down and there it was. My prick standing erect to its full length of 8". I looked at Sheela. She was still gapingly staring at my dick.

"My God! It looks so big!" Sheela exclaimed.

"Yeah, it is quite big. 8 inches to be exact." I said.

Saying so I stepped forward a little. That startled Sheela and she looked at me. There was a look of pure lust in her eyes. Same as Radha on that first day.

"Umm.., Prakash. What are you doing here in the kitchen standing half naked?"

I did not know what to say so I kept quiet.

"Prakash! I am asking you something. What are you doing here ? what is that on your right hand?"

Sheela asked abruptly as I had stupidly raised my right hand to my forehead for scratching. I decided to take a gamble and held that cum covered hand right in front of her eyes. A loud moan escaped Sheela.

"Is that what I think it is?" Sheela asked in a surprised manner.

"What do you think it is?" I asked her bluntly.

"Well, is that your cum?" Sheela asked with equal bluntness.

"It sure is my cum." I said in matter of fact manner.

"My Gosh! That means you were ? you were ?" Sheela was shocked.

"Yes. I was masturbating. If that is what you want to say."

"But why here in the kitchen? Oh My God! Were you listening to our conversation?"

I merely smiled naughtily.

"My God! You were, weren't you?" Sheela said frighteningly.

We both were silent for a few moments. Then she spoke again.

"Were you, you know, thinking about?" Sheela again was too shocked to complete the sentence.

"Yes. I was thinking about you while wanking myself." I told her.

"Then why is your ? thing erect again?" Sheela blurted.

"That is because your pallu is down giving me ample opportunity to look at your tits and navel."

Oh, shit! Why did I say that? Now surely she would cover herself and perhaps go to her flat. But I was mistaken. Sheela did nothing of that sort. Her pallu remained where it was. In fact she started to unbutton her blouse. Now I was gaping at her!

"Would you like to see more?"

"Oh! Hell yeah!"

Hearing Escort Trabzon my response, she completely removed her blouse. She was not wearing a bra. So her lovely ripe mangos were there for me to see. Now I had not only seen but also fondled with Radha's boobs before. But Sheela's tits were different.

They were smaller than Radha's, possibly 36C. But they were quite firm and pert. They looked like couple of mangos hanging on a branch. Her areolas were medium sized. Her nipples were pink as I imagined. They were starting to get erect as I was hungrily staring at them.

"Are you going to just look at them?" Sheela asked me annoyingly.

I knew what she wanted and placed my left hand on her right boob. Sheela let out a moan. I wanted to seduce her slowly. Therefore I started to fondle with her tit. I was playing with her boob like it was a Cricket ball. I was lifting it upwards and then releasing it suddenly. Since her boobs were quite firm, they were not bouncing and jiggling that much.

This went on for a few moments. Sheela was breathing quite heavily now. She was cooing softly. Her eyes half shut, her lips quivering. In short, she was enjoying it thoroughly! As my right hand was dirty with my cum, I was using my left hand to fondle both the tits. But I wanted to enjoy more. So I stopped the tit play and went to the basin to wash my right hand.

Sheela was annoyed because I had stopped playing with her tits and saw me bent over the basin, about to open the tap. She shouted suddenly.

"Prakash, what are you doing?"

"I am going to wash my dirty hand so that I can use it to play with your tits." I replied.

"Well, there is another way by which you can clean your dirty hand!" Sheela replied, smiling naughtily.

And with that she grabbed my right hand and placed it on her mouth! I didn't know that this innocent-looking lady was a cum-loving bitch! She started to lick my cum hungrily. It was as if she was eating ice cream! Well, if she liked it so much, how enjoying will it be when she would eat my candy! Within seconds, Sheela had licked every bit of my cum. My hand was clean and Sheela's tongue was coated with my juice. She licked her lips and giggled.

"Ummm?. It is quite tasty. I had come to the kitchen to eat something and I can say that I have ate the most delicious dessert one could get!"

My God! Sheela talking dirty! I knew that there was no need to further seduce her. It was time for some hardcore action! Hence I attacked her lovely tits with my hands. I wasn't playing gently anymore. I was furiously rubbing and squeezing them. Sheela was not prepared for this and she shouted and tried to push me away. But I was not going to stop so easily.

I continued my assault on her boobs. I was now concentrating on her areolas and nipples. I was caressing her areolas and also gently pinching her nipples that had become hard like two little pebbles. Sheela was shouting very loudly so I tried to suppress her shouts by pressing my lips against hers. I wasn't kissing her but was just trying to stop her screams.

But Sheela had other ideas! Moments after I had pressed my lips against hers, she had put her hands around my neck and started to kiss me. She started sucking my lips with her lips and tongue. When I realized what she was trying to do, I helped her by opening my mouth. The next moment I found her tongue probing my mouth! She sucked my tongue and started licking the inside of my mouth with her tongue! Gosh, this was getting really interesting!

I stopped playing with her tits and brought my hands around her neck to get proper support. Now we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other's mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other's tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about 15 minutes. Then Sheela spoke.

"Prakash, I think we should go to your room. It will be more comfortable there."

And for the first time I realized that I was alone with this woman. But then where did my mother go? I mean when I had bumped into Sheela, I thought that it was my mom. But if Sheela was here then where was mom?

"Where is my mom?" I asked Sheela.

"Oh Nikita! She went to attend a seminar. Don't you know? She told me that she had told you about it. She asked me to take care of you in her absence as you are feeling a little depressed. Well, I know that you are not depressed now! I seem to have taken good care of you!" Sheela said controlling her giggles.

"Well, I don't know if I have taken good care of you!" I said teasingly.

"You have enough time to do that. Nikita is not coming for at least 2 hours."

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go inside."

We went to my room. I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was alone with a sexy bitch in my room! As soon as we entered, Sheela grabbed me and started frenching me. But I had other ideas. I pushed her.

"Let's get even more comfortable." I told her.

And saying this, I removed my T-shirt. Sheela got my message and started to remove her clothes. First, she removed her sari. Then came the petticoat. And that was it! She was pantyless! I was shocked! Here was a woman whom I considered to be a lady and in reality she was nothing but a horny slut!
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