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Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 02

Post #1

Notes: Warning!! This story contains non-consent/reluctance, group incest, double penetration, anal and the use of a strap-on. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T READ IT!

If you can't stomach it or don't like it, then I suggest you go elsewhere. Stupid comments will be deleted; stupid emails will be ignored, and then deleted. Thank you. (:


This is chapter 2 of 5.

Please, please, please VOTE, leave comments, and send me feedback via the CONTACT tab on my profile! Thank you!


All characters are of FICTIONAL background and are 18+ years old.


Dave pulled the car into the driveway and put the car in park.

"We're here, Lexi." He spoke softly, sliding his fingers into her hair; he pulled her head from his crotch with disappointment. It was a rule of theirs; while in the car, Alexis was to suck her father's cock, no matter how long or short the drive. Usually he'd make her finish, but tonight, he had more important plans for her.

Getting out of the car, Dave went around to open the door for his daughter; he held out a hand to her and helped her out. Possessively, he pulled her to his side as they walked up the driveway, toward the front door, his arm wrapped around her waist. The screen door was open, and the television could be heard from inside, but Dave, respectively rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, a petite young girl, about the same age as his daughter came bouncing up, with a wide smile.

"Hey there, Mr. Williams!" She greeted them, brightly.

David smiled back, "Hello, Kim! Is your father home?"

"Of course! Come in!" She exclaimed, stepping aside.

The father and daughter stepped into the foyer and looking into the living room sat another teenage girl, on the couch watching TV.

"Daddy said you were coming over." Kim remarked as she made her way back to the couch, and sat back down next to her friend.

Dave chuckled, "Yeah, I made plans with him a while back and I've finally got time to come over for a visit. Where is your father at anyways?"

"Oh, he's in the den." Kim replied, but her attention had already turned back to the television.

"Thank you, Kim." Dave called, already making their way down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, the door was slightly ajar, light peeked through the cracks and a soft piano music could be heard from inside the room.

Dave reached up and tapped lightly on the door, the music stopped, there was paper shuffling, then footsteps before the door opened. A grinning man backed up and held the door open for the couple and he shut the door behind them after the walked in.

"David!" The man exclaimed, "I'm glad you finally had time to come by here!" He slapped Dave on the back. "And you, Lexi. I'm very excited to see you tonight. It's been a while."

"Its good to see you too, Samuel." Dave said brightly, "How's the wife?"

"Bah! Glad she's out tonight! Shopping with her sister! Thank goodness. I wanted an empty house for us tonight, but couldn't get Kimmy to leave, even though I kept strongly encouraging her to go out. I think she knows something's up."

"Ah, no worries, Sam. We'll keep quiet enough." He said, smirking at his daughter. "And we'll lock the door. Those girls will be none the wiser!"

"Well good! Let's get started before Sheryl runs out of money and decides to come home before we've finished!"

Dave chuckled, "Too right, Sarah might be suspicious if we're gone all night. Will you set up the camera while I take care of Lexi?"

"Not a problem." Sam replied, walking off to get the video equipment.

Dave turned to his daughter and smiled lustfully, before pulling her shirt off her body and over her head. No bra.

"Are you ready, baby?" He asked, unzipping her jeans and pulling them down her legs. No panties.

"No." Alexis replied, barely a whisper, unmoving.

Dave pulled his shirt over his head.

"You want make Daddy happy, don't you?" He asked her softly, as he unzipped his jeans and kicked them off.

"Yes, Daddy." She whispered again.

"Good girl. That's Daddy's good girl." He smiled like a proud father, before pushing her to her knees before him and pressing his cock against her closed lips. "Open, baby."

She obeyed and with a groan, Dave slid his stiff rod into the warmth of her tiny mouth. He held her small head in both hands; his fingers entangled in her hair and rocked his prick in and out of her mouth, slowly.

"Oh God, baby." He groaned louder, before finally pulling out. "I'm ready." He said turning to find his friend. "You ready?"

Sam was already sitting on the den's couch naked, shaft in hand.

"Yep, camera's set up and ready for you to press record. And thanks to the little preview you just gave me, I'm definitely ready." He spoke softly, staring at Alexis as he began to stroke his growing member.

Dave chuckled and walked toward the camera, pressed the record button, then sat down on tayland porno the couch next to Sam.

"Come here, Lexi." He beckoned her softly, yet with an edge of command in his voice.

Alexis walked toward the couch. She paused for a moment, staring at the two older men, before she finally kneeled on the floor between the two. She took a hard rod in each hand and began to slowly jack them both off.

"Suck, Lexi." Dave ordered softly.

The young girl immediately ducked her head and took Sam's dick in her mouth and began to bob her head on and off, sucking and slurping like a champ. A few minutes went by and Alexis switched to her father, and jacking Samuel off, then she switched back to Samuel, jacking her father off. Back and forth she went, sucking both men's dicks til her neck ached.

Dave stared down at his daughter, breathing heavily; slightly groaning and she sucked his dick. He couldn't take it any longer and he grabbed her head with both hands and began to stuff his cock down her throat.

"Oh God, Lexi!" He groaned, thrusting down her throat. The girl gagged and coughed for her father's pleasure.

In his own world, Dave began to fuck his daughter's throat, groaning and sighing with pleasure, he had all but forgotten about his old friend until Samuel jumped up and kneeled behind Alexis. Wasting no time, he shoved his prick into her slippery snatch causing her to scream around her father's cock.

"Mmmm, you're such a little slut, Lexi. Daddy loves his little slut." Dave murmured to her as he used his daughter's throat. "I love watching your tiny holes get filled with cock and cum. I love watching you scream around my dick as other guys fuck your pussy, my Lexi-doll."

He stood up and tightened his grip on her head and began to ram into her throat so deep she couldn't breathe. Before she almost passed out, he pulled out and blasted her face with cum. Alexis gasped for breath then immediately after began screaming because of Sam's violent assault on her pussy.

Dave wiped his dick off on her cheek and got up, leaving his friend to fuck his screaming daughter mercilessly. He walked to the back of the den to the bar and poured himself a drink. He sat on the stool and continued to watch his tiny daughter get pounded from behind by his old friend, while he sipped on a scotch.

He watched Samuel pull Alexis up and bend her over the couch and begin to ream her cunt again from behind.

A gasp from the doorway had everyone frozen. All three heads snapped to the door of the den. The two teenagers in the living room had heard screaming and shouting and came running. They had forgotten to lock the door.

"Get out of here, Kimmy!" Samuel hollered at his own daughter.

Her head vanished and the door slammed close. There was a silence, but only for a moment before Samuel resumed brutally beating his cock into the young girl. Dave watched in silent pleasure. His daughter's screaming face as she got plowed into, had his dick getting hard again immediately.

"Oh God, oh God, OH GOD!" Samuel gasped, his head lay completely back as he rammed away at young Alexis, both of their bodies shaking violently with his relentless thrashing.

Dave poured another glass of scotch, for his friend, sensing that his friend was nearly finished.

A few moments later... "I'm cumming!" Samuel shouted, slamming into her a few more times before finally pulling out.

Alexis collapsed over the arm of the couch, cum dripped down her back and butt. Samuel examined his work before slapping her ass; he then walked toward Dave, at the bar. As he sat down, Dave handed him the drink.

"Thanks." Samuel said, completely breathless. "Wow. Dave, your daughter's... amazing. She's a real champ too. That's one tight fucking cunt. No wonder you're sharin' her around."

"Yeah, I know. She's my little soldier. She can take cock like a pro." Dave boasted, proudly.

Samuel sighed, "She's one hott piece of ass. You're a lucky man."

"Yeah, I know, but wait til you actually fuck her ass." Dave replied, his dick already hard in his hand, ready for round two.

"Fuck her ass?" Samuel questioned excitedly, his dick jumping to attention as well.

They discussed their next plan of attack while finishing their drinks. A few minutes later, after their glasses had been drained and they were feeling a little more randy, they got up and approached Alexis, who was still hanging over the arm of the couch.

The two older men picked her up and carried her to the center of the rug, in a good view for the camera. They stood with Alexis swaying in-between them. Dave in front, and Samuel behind her, both men rubbing their steely erections between her legs. Samuel reached up to her pussy and scooped some cum, using it to grease her asshole. Alexis groaned with worry and fear when she felt fingers digging into her rectum.

"Are you going to fuck my ass?" Alexis whimpered, edging away from the invasion.

"Sh!" Dave quieted her, picking her up; he slid her pussy onto tecavüz porno his long, hard pole. "Of course we are."

"Now, fuck her ass real good for me, Sam." Dave smiled to his old friend, holding her against his chest, he pulled his daughter's ass cheeks apart, welcoming his friend inside.

"Oh I plan on it." Samuel grinned back and began to work his prick into the bud of her asshole.

Alexis moaned in pain until at last, both men were fully sheathed inside her, sandwiched between them. The teen began to scream when they started to fuck her, both poles stabbing into her at the same time, as they bounced her tiny body between their giant ones.

"Oh, God. David. Her ass is so tight. If I hadn't just came earlier, I would have already busted a nut in her asshole."

"Oh yeah, she's got a real tight little asshole. Don't you, baby? You like getting fucked in the ass? You dirty slut. What would your mother think of you?"

The door opened before she could answer, and the two men froze, Lexi's tiny body squashed between them, both cocks completely stuffed inside her. Samuel's daughter, Kim popped her head through the door again.

"Daddy! Can Mel and I please come watch? Please!" The young girl begged.

"No, Kimmy, of course not!" Samuel scoffed. "That's ridiculous. Go!"

Kim's face quickly flooded with disappointment, her lower lip fell into a pout.

"No, Sam. Its okay." Dave intervened. "Let the girls watch. Its not like they don't already know what's going on." Dave pointed out, already beginning to slide his cock in and out of his daughter's wet cunt again.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Williams! We'll be super quiet!" Kim promised and the two girls raced into the room and sat on the couch to watch.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Samuel said to his friend, with a worried look.

"Don't worry, Sam." Dave smiled, reassuringly. "How about we lay her down though? This is too much work."

Sam agreed, and the two men pulled out of the young girl. Samuel supported Alexis, holding her up by her arms, while Dave lay down on the floor and held up his dick with one hand. Samuel set the teen down, onto her father's cock, and bent her over, her bare breasts pressed against her father's chest, making sure her butt stuck in the air. Getting, on his knees, Samuel chuckled as he pressed the head of his penis against the tender bud of her asshole, which was now red.

Alexis yelped as Samuel shoved back inside her tight asshole, feeling the two huge cocks swollen inside her once more.

Both men quickly got back into a steady rhythm, humping into the young girl's holes, completely filling both at the same time causing her to scream.

"Agnh!" She yelped. "I'm so full!"

"Yeah, you are!" Dave panted, slamming up into her cunt with all his might.

"She just needs one more cock in her mouth." Samuel grunted, pummeling her ass roughly. "That dirty, little mouth."

The two young girls kept their word and sat silently in awe, watching the older men double-team their classmate, violently. Lexi's body was smashed between Kim's father and her own father's bodies, her face was a mixture of pleasure and horror, and she screamed as the men plundered her tiny holes without regret, remorse or feeling for her. Each of the men's faces, however were filled with nothing but pure pleasure and lust. Dave did his best to shove as much of his meat in and out of his daughter's tiny cunt, as he possibly could from his position lying underneath her, whilst Sam stuffed and fucked her tight asshole with abandon, riding her deep within her bowels.

So filled with ecstasy and pleasure, they could not help their stream of degrading shouts and groans as they pulverized her young body to oblivion.

Samuel grabbed Lexi's hair and pulled her up to yell in her ear. "God! You have the tightest, little asshole I have ever fucked and I never want to stop fucking your tiny, little body. Take more, Lexi!" He commanded as he rammed harder and harder into her ass. "Take all of it, you little bitch!"

"You're a dirty, little slut, Lexi-doll." Her father shouted in her face, as he assaulted her pussy, "What would your mother think of you if she saw you right now?" He snorted, "She would call you a little slut and disown you. But I would never do that to you. I love you, Lexi... And your tight little pussy. It's my pussy. You're my cunt, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy." Alexis whimpered, obediently.

"Are you gonna be Daddy's little slut forever?" Dave demanded fiercely, slamming his palm against her ass, making her scream in pain.

"Yes, Daddy!" She screamed back, as Samuel brutally reamed her ass from behind, yanking her hair as he did so, yelling obscenities and commands in her ear.

Tears filled her eyes, as both men shouted at her and fucked her holes, uncontrollably. Dave watched tears spill down her cheeks and wished that another man were there now, forcing his cock down her throat at that moment. The mental image sent him over the edge. He gave her tombul porno a couple quick, rough thrusts, shouting his orgasm, before he came deep inside her.

Samuel didn't stop after Dave had cum, but kept pounding his daughter's ass, taking pleasure from her body. Dave lay underneath them, watching as he rested. His daughter was crying still, the pain in her butt must have been intense and harsh. His friend was gripping her hips so tightly, his fingers where digging into her flesh as he slammed their bodies together with all of his strength, attempting to ram his rod as deep within her asshole as he could possibly manage. Dave smiled, it was erotic for him to watch and he knew that soon he would be ready to take her ass himself.

Samuel had pulled Alexis up against his body, hammering her ass as he groped and pinched her tiny nipples. Dave was stunned for a moment by the erotic scene before him, but noticing that there was finally enough room for him to get up, he did so quickly and walked backward to watch. As soon as he was up, Samuel had Alexis back on all fours and was pounding away again, slapping her ass over and over as he rode her, still yanking her hair and yelling in her ear.

Dave chuckled and turned around, but stopped short when he saw the two other teenagers. He had forgotten the two girls had joined them to watch. Kim watched in apt interest, clearly aroused, but her friend, Mel, whose eyes were adverted while Kim watched intently, looked embarrassed.

"So, what do you think, ladies?" Dave asked, grinning as he walked toward them.

Mel hesitated and her eyes darted across the room, but Kim answered immediately, without taking her eyes off her own father fucking Alexis. "That looks so awesome. Did you like doing that to her? I'm jealous."

Dave's eyes almost popped out of his head at her response. "You're jealous? You want to be fucked like that?!"

"No, no, no. I wish I could be fucking her like that." Kim said, finally looking at him, completely serious. "Like you did."

"Oh." Dave said, quietly. "I see." Then a brilliant idea came to him. "I'll be right back."

Dave returned from the closet a few minutes later, grinning from ear to ear. "I never actually thought we'd use this, but I'm glad that we bought this now. Here, let me help you put it on."

With another scotch in hand, Dave sat back on the stool, and watched as Kim walked over to her father and Alexis, swinging a long rubber dick strapped to her crotch. Samuel looked surprised for a moment at seeing his Kimmy with the strap-on, but as aroused as he was, he seemed to recover quite quickly. Again, he pulled little Alexis up against his chest, his rod still buried deep within the confines of her ass.

Alexis whimpered as Kim kneeled in front of her, and positioned the fake cock at the entrance to her cunt. Kim laughed just before she rammed the fake dick into the other girl's pussy. Moaning in pain, again, Alexis had both of her holes filled at once, being pounded into.

Samuel attempted to guide his daughter, but it wasn't long before the sight and feel was too much for him to handle. Not too long after joining forces with his own daughter, Samuel exploded deep inside Lexi's asshole, groaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, Samuel finally released the hold on her hair and pulled his limp dick from the young girl's body. Alexis immediately collapsed, and Kim giggled. "That was fun! Too bad I didn't get to go that long."

"Oh yeah, it looked quite enjoyable from back here, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll get another go, Kimmy." Dave chuckled as he got up, then he turned to his old friend, with a huge grin. "What'd you think, Sam? How was her ass?"

"Absolutely. Amazing." Samuel smiled, still having difficulty breathing.

"Well, it's getting late. Do you mind if I have another go at my daughter real quick before we head out. Sarah's not going on any work trips for a while, so I don't know when I'm gonna get the time." Dave asked.

"Oh no. Not at all, please go ahead. I'd love to watch." Samuel said sincerely, smiling.

"Why don't you join us, Kimmy?" Dave exclaimed, grinning at the other teenage girl. "I don't like fucking my daughter alone."

"Sure, Mr. Williams! I'd love to!" Kim said excitedly, jumping up.

"Well, go lay down on the rug and we'll be over there in a minute."

"Yes, sir!"

Kim ran over to the rug and lay down, her strap-on dick in air, while Dave picked up his weak daughter from the floor and carried her over to where Kim laid waiting. After helping his daughter straddle Kim, he pushed her down onto the strap on cock, making her moan weakly, then got behind her and started to work his own cock into her ass.

"Fuck her pussy, Kimmy!" Dave urged as he felt his daughter's asshole let up and he started to slide inside her warm, tight hole.

The small girl started to fuck his daughter with her fake dick, just as Dave finally fit completely inside her asshole. Alexis could do nothing, but moan weakly as the pair of them began to fuck her faster and faster, harder and harder.

It didn't take long for Dave to get hyped up, he was soon brutally fucking his daughter's asshole without care for her growing screams, the more she yelled, the harder her pounded. He couldn't help the natural instinct of it.
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